Twinning Digital Class

Two weeks ago, we were going to SMKN 13 Bandung. What did we do at that place? We are as the student who receive schoolarship from SEAMEO SEAMOLEC met with several head master from severeal school in Bandung. The activies which was done at that place was to discussed and explained about our planning for twinning digital class program to the school. As a student university who receive SEAMOLEC’s schoolarship, we have task to do apprenticeship at school. Each school will have two university student who will teach for twinning digital class program.

My partner is Miss Nofa Nirawati. Our program is to teach students about technopreuneur using IT and english language as daily language at SMKN 13 Bandung. Because our background is teacher, it is not a difficult thing to meet with the student, but it is something new when i must teach them in english language as i know my english is not good enough. But, i think is not a big problem. As we know, the big enemy for human is the fear sense, when we can overcome this, it means that our step closer enough to the success. I hope this program will work smoothly. Aamiin.


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